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The Ilkley House Market

Last year Ilkley was ranked seventh on the list of hotspots for commuters with the highest priced houses in the UK, with an average house price of £404,994, according to Zoopla. Due to the desirable location, with views of Ilkley Moor and easy commuting by train, Ilkley has continued appeal to buyers and grow in popularity. 

With lots to keep the whole family occupied both indoors and out, Ilkley is the ideal destination for families, older occupants, and professional individuals looking for an idyllic place to live. However, the cost of housing in this area can pose a challenge for those looking to get onto the property ladder. Many start off in this area by renting and saving to get a foot in the door for a mortgage.

What Does Ilkley Have to Offer?

With a low crime rate and numerous opportunities for residents to enjoy the locale such as social clubs, museums and parks, Ilkley has loads going for it. One of the main draws to a lot of people is the excellent railway network into Leeds and Bradford, and connections to London. Noted as one of the most desirable places to live in West Yorkshire, Ilkley is going to continue to grow according to both locals and housing market specialists.

Ilkley really is idyllic and no matter your interests, there’s something for everyone from outdoor nature trails to fascinating museums. Some of the most popular attractions that Ilkley has to offer include:

  • Walking: The Dales Way Footpath and Millennium Way
  • Ilkley Pool & Lido
  • Ilkley Manor House (exhibiting a range from Roman carvings to Contemporary Art) and All Saints Church Ilkley (Saxon carvings)
  • Riverside Gardens park and playground by the river
  • Ilkley Toy Museum: rare private collection

There is, of course, so much more to enjoy in Ilkley from highly regarded restaurants to traditional pubs and everything in between. Living in Ilkley gives residents the best of both worlds; a home away from a nearby bustling city. 

What’s Happened to The UK Housing Market in The Last 12 Months?

Quite a lot has happened concerning UK house pricing and the housing market within the past 12 years. For a start, across the country, we saw house prices grow by nearly two per cent. This means that a standard three-bedroom semi-detached house costs roughly (on average) around £303,199. However, as we’ve seen, this increase has been more in places like Ilkley. 

While prices still seem high to the first-time buyer, because the increase is slow, it should help when it comes to affordability challenges that are faced by many buyers. Essentially, what we should hopefully see, particularly in areas such as Ilkley, is the brakes being applied to slow down any further increases in house prices. This will make it possible for people to get onto the property ladder. 

Other Local Areas You May Want to Consider If You’re Considering Buying in Ilkley

There’s a plethora of locations nearby Ilkley that offer buyers huge bang for their buck. A great example of a superb village that offers many of the luxuries of Ilkley is Addingham. This beautiful little spot is nestled in in West Yorkshire in the North of England and approximately three miles south of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park. Due to a slightly lower price tag associated with the housing market, this is more cost-effective option than Ilkley, but you’re still guaranteed lots of benefits. 

Addingham is home to many semi-detached houses, and the average price is £274,785 – around £150,000 cheaper than Ilkley. Not only that, but there’s the famous Bolton Abbey estate on your doorstep! Addingham is home to a selection of lovely little shops and pubs. It’s an excellent location for all the family to live and is close enough to travel easily to Ilkley or Skipton to connect with commuter links.

A Great Location for all Your Needs

Located in the Wharfedale valley, Burley in Wharfedale is a second option that’s more affordable than Ilkley. Selling at an average of £275,619, semi-detached properties in Burley in Wharfedale are situated in affluent and leafy streets. There’s also not a shortage of things to do. Burley in Wharfedale has a wealth of local activity, with regular events, festivals and meetings. It’s a village that has a strong community. It’s the perfect location for families and retirees alike. 

Whether you choose to move to Ilkley, Addingham, Burley in Wharfedale, or of course, elsewhere ensure you do your research and choose a place that best suits your needs and that of anyone you’re moving with. The cost of property may have taken a pause, but it’s unlikely that this will remain the case for the long term, so as they say, strike while the iron’s hot.

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